Questioning Questions

This project revolves around murder and with a murder case there are a lot of questions that should be asked. Since we are directing a film, there are even more inquiry questions necessary to think about. Here are a few that I have come up with, in correlation to my disciplines-media and design:

What is the process in making a short film?
What tools are necessary in created a film?

Where will the light sources and camera angles come from?

What will the movie be about?

How will the tone be set in the movie?

What costumes and set design will be needed?
How many and who will act in the film?

Which parts of the film are voice overs and which are straight up footage?

There are many more questions to be asked, which we will end up asking as we move through the process of making this film. I have found a few tips from a website that should help us make an awesome movie. The author of this article, Elliot Grove, has expressed his opinion from his own experience; such as making sure you have a good amount of locations to film, but not too many that you have to travel across the globe to get to them. Also, having a good light source. For our project we will be using mostly the conference room in the school library to film and at home, so location isn’t an issue. The light source will be a mini spot light to create a creepy aroma in the conference room; if it will work-the lights will be off and there will only be a spot light on the ‘murderer.’ Overall, I’m looking forward to this project because I love making videos and editing them. Twill be awesome!



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